Genesis by Salgado: a call to life

Salgado’s exibition is now open in Milan at la Loggia in Piazza dei Mercanti and I was there. I was with a friend, who is a journalist. The visit started with him discussing with the lady at the ticket counter, because the entrance is no more free for journalists, yet it is half price. Which surprised and disappointed me. Luckily I completely forgot  everything about the “outside” world once entered the exhibition area.

The immensity of Salgado’s work is even more powerful when we realise that the author deals with a little bit of our planet. He has chosen, he had to fight with time, travels, survival, research and yet this is a huge work, because – what it left to me is that – there is a lot more yet to be discovered, on our origin, on our life nowadays and always.

I would suggest anyone to go and live this pictures from the inside, without listening to the audioguide they give you at the beginning.

Forget judgement, our culture and our lifestyle, do not overlap  thoughts with the reality of what you see. Just image the cold, the warm, the texture of what you see and LIVE it. Try. It’s amazing the power of the sentiment that arises. It’s a call!

Wonderful to know then about how this work was made and about its development and about the team of people that helped. With those people and ideas, photography is still art. And art is a call to life. LET’S ANSWER !


Marco Photojournalist

When I met him I didn’t like him. I was willing to learn everything about Photography, and I decided to attend his classes. Since the very beginning I was lacking confidence, which was the intriguing part about me for everyone around getting to know me. I’ve always wanted everything in life, especially in that time, when I was working the whole day and travelling and body training a lot. Nevertheless I needed to be priced  to go on.

Then something curious happened:  as I was being rejected for trying to compete on a professional level, I knew that I wanted something else. Photography had just opened up my thirst for getting in touch with life. People, countries, colours. So a very hard and slow time took place, during which I could find a friend. Those rare time we met I could find a person ready to listen without judgement, yet ironic, just as right  for me to laugh and forget.
We played once to freeze a portrait of myself and since then some respect for our souls has developed strong. As a joke again I asked him a few yoga portraits, but what he was able to do, after an entire morning dedicated to my uncertain eye, again was real work, professionalism, sensibility. Which  left me astonished.
Marco was able to find the way to tell about me, this long time discipline and devotion that I’ve cultivated through Yoga and that is shaping my energy all the time now. His commitment gave me the possibility to unveil my truth and to communicate through the signs on my body. He finally got to understand and supported me and even encouraged me in this pursuit of life, real life, that is Yoga, for me.